Mera Naam Joker 1970 Full Hindi Movie Download BRRip 720p

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Raju is a clown, a joker. It’s what he always shall be and what he is. As his life story unfolds from his school days to the circus to the roads, in three chapters, he should constantly make folks laugh and be joyful, however miserable he’s within. On the way, Raju loves and loses, but must constantly keep a grin on his face because, in the words of his circus supervisor, “The show must go on.” Over six years in the making, “Mera Naam Joker” is Raj Kapoor’s semiautobiographical narrative of the life, love, and philosophy of an entertainer.

Setters 2019 Full Hindi Movie Download HDTV 720p

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A thriller set in Benares, Jaipur, Mumbai and Delhi, Setters is about a racket profiteering from academic scams. The film follows a cat-and-mouse game between two good friends: one a cop, and the other a “setter” who arranges brilliant students in place of weak students to appear in examinations.

Rogue 2017 Hindi Dubbed Movie Download HDRip 720p

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A rogue (Ishan) falls for the city police commissioner’s sister (Anjali) only to land in jail for intervening her marriage with an encounter specialist.(Subba Raju) After finishing his trail Ishan meets another girl (Anjali) the name which he hates anymore but anyway has to protect her family. Meanwhile, Ishan confronts an escaped prisoner who is in search of Anjali. Why Ishan fell for the Anjali duo and how he saves Anjali from the is rest of the story.

22 Yards 2019 Full Hindi Movie Download HDRip 1080p

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22 Yards is a 2018 Indian sports drama film starring Barun Sobti, Rajit Kapur, Panchi Bora and Rajesh Sharma. The film has been directed by sports journalist turned filmmaker Mitali Ghoshal. The film premiered at the 2018 Bay Area South Asian Film Festival and is scheduled to release theatrically on 15 March 2019.