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Lahoriye 2017 Full Punjabi Movie Download HDRip 720p ESub

2019-09-09T00:30:55+05:30September 6th, 2019|

Lahoriye is a 2017 Indian Punjabi drama film directed & written by well known Amberdeep Singh. The love story which revolves across borders. It stars Amrinder Gill Sargun Mehta Yuvraj Hans Nimrat Khaira Guggu Gill Sardar Sohi & as the chief cast of the movie. May 2017 Lahoriye was released globally on 12.

Mindo Taseeldarni 2019 Full Punjabi Movie Download HDRip 720p

2019-09-03T23:31:16+05:30August 31st, 2019|

It is a drama of class “A” officer and a overaged bachelor. Teja Shadaa gives statement from his own that he has love affair with Mindo Taseeldarni. Simultaneously, he is also following another girl from a very long time. And he comes to know that she is Mindo Taseeldarni to whom he was following from long time

Munda Faridkotia 2019 Full Punjabi Movie Download HDRip 720p

2019-08-31T00:26:04+05:30August 28th, 2019|

Born and raised in Faridkot, Farid Singh Brar loves his homeland and spends his time between farming and hanging out with his best friend Maddi. Farid`s mother is frustrated by his aimless lifestyle, and gives him an ultimatum to emigrate to Canada. A disheartened Farid prays at the dargah to grant him one wish: to somehow let him remain in Faridkot. The next morning, he wakes up to find his wish granted. The only problem is that the Faridkot he ended up in is a village in Pakistan! What follows forms the crux of the comedy Munda Faridkotia.