Srinivasa Kalyanam 2018 Hindi Dubbed Movie Download HDRip 720p

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Vasu “Nithin” is a well-educated youth who belongs to a joint family. He falls in love with Sri and confronts her father “Prakash Raj” about his love. On the other hand, Sri’s father is a rich businessman who does not believe in old-school formalities of marriage and traditions. Rest of the story is as to how Vasu takes things into his hands and makes his wedding happen on a traditional note by changing Sri’s father’s mindset.

Columbus 2015 Hindi Dubbed Movie Download HDRip 720p

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Ashwin is a college going youth who falls in love with Indu. As time passes by, Ashwin leaves all his career goals behind and lives life with only Indu’s point of view. This nature of his irritates Indu big time and she ignores him completely and heads off to Delhi. A disappointed Ashwin follows her to Delhi. Incidentally, he gets mixed up in a murder mystery and is arrested. By the time he gets out, Indu has left him for good. This is also the time when he comes across Neeraja who promises him to help find Indu. Twist in the tale arises when both Neeraja and Ashwin start getting close to each other. What will Ashwin do now? Whom will he end up with finally?

Kirumi 2015 Hindi Dubbed Movie Download HDRip 720p

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A jobless father of a kid is desperate in seeking a career he can feel settled at. When it comes in the form of an unofficial informant-cum-assist to a Police station through his mentor neighbour, he holds on to it sternly. In a work-related act of his, the mentor gets killed and he finds policemen from two stations are involved. When he tries to unearth the men behind it, they work on getting his life into a turmoil.

Ego 2018 Hindi Dubbed Movie Download HDRip 720p

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What starts as a breezy romantic-comedy shifts gears to a thriller mode when a strange turn of events pits a tech-savvy engineering student against the most dreadful terrorist. The former embarks on an action-packed journey and outsmarts his opponents with his technical prowess to foil a deadly plot that can put the lives of humanity in jeopardy.